&  The Meister
There are many ways for evermore perfect designs of websites and progress is rapid. How fascinating the shown effects may be: The better they are, the quicker they are copied. Thus originality vanishes more rapidly the more impressive such designs may be.

To counter this we offer individually created, copyright protected design elements to make your websites unmistakable in a lasting manner. This can be done via a logo (examples) or banner in order to enhance every page, or special pages using unique elements.

For this and for smaller projects (or parts of bigger ones) requiring a small amount of update work The ZeRO-G offers competent service.

Prices for designing and programming websites have to be agreed upon, but concerning artist work (logos, small pictures etc.) we have the following rule: Having finished his job, the artist decides upon the price. The customer has no obligation what so ever to buy if he or she doesn't like the result. On our link page you can find examples for
banner design by CC.