Dr. Björn Dämpfling, married, two children

1949 born in Cologne/Germany

1951 moves to Nordenham/Unterweser

1969 graduates from Gymnasium Nordenham

1969- 75 studies Political Science at the Free University Berlin, Diploma
drawings, prints, carving, small sculptures and poems

1981 PhD in Economics, Dr. rer. pol. many drawings

1982- 83 research stay in the USA, Cambridge, MA (Harvard)
back to Berlin/Germany, scientific work and teaching, drawings and photography

1987- 92 back for research in the USA, Chapel Hill, NC (UNC) and Cambridge, MA (Harvard), returns to Berlin/Germany, research and teaching at the FU Berlin, drawings, pastells, watercolor, some Oils
many photos 1987-88

1995- 96 manager of ÖKO-TER GmbH (ecological housing development), architectural designs in cooperation with architects, color pencil drawings

1997 art takes first place in professional life, creating a virtual gallery for all art related activities in the internet, looking for an adequate digital print technology website, printing technique, and the computer as main drawing tool are in place, works since most of the time with IRIS-printing technique as final output for his mainly digitally produced graphics und photography, using all possibilities to combine classical and digital forms of producing art.

2000 since then numerous exhibitions worldwide (Berlin, London, New York, Beijing….)
lives and works as artist und author in Berlin


Exhibitions( Group, Brick&Mortar)

2000 September: Spindel Kunstpreis in Limbach/Oberfrohna, 3.Place

2001 March: "Digital Salon", Las Cruces/ New Mexico /USA.

2002 September: Große Steglitzer Kunstausstellung. April: International Open Image, London, Exhibition: Deluxe Gallery (Competition, 662 participants, 1. Place). June: „Originate“, London, Exhibition: Gallery 47 (Competition; Shortlist) September: Große Steglitzer Kunstausstellung.

2004 January: “painting with pixels”, Cork Gallery/Lincoln Center/ New York February: UMD Robert Wood Johnson Medical School / New Brunswick / NJ / USA July: “I like looking at pictures”, London, Waterloo Gallery (Photography) July: Arts&Illustrators Exhibition, London (Photography) July: Digital show from CD, Art -Summer 2004, Bruchsaal September: Digital show from CD, Château de Saint Auvent, France October: "A show of Heads....New Jersey/USA) Limner Gallery, Phoenicia/NY/USA (Direct Art Nr.11, 2005) December: Webism-Exhibition, Gallery Kalina, Regen/Germany

2005 February: "Dirty Show", 6th Annual Erotic Art Exhibition, Tangent Gallery, Detroit/USA March: "Landscape: Internal/External", Limner Gallery, Phoenicia/NY/USA (Direct Art Nr.12, 2005 April: Geneva Gallery, Morristown/ New Jersey/USA April: „Frühlingserwachen-Lebensmomente“, Gallery Rodolfo, Berlin-Mitte, Rochstraße May: "Digital Extravaganza", ", Limner Gallery, Phoenicia/NY/USA (Direct Art Nr. 13, 2005) October: “Bird 2005”, Gufang Gallery, Beijing/China (Competition, 635 participants, Honorable Mention) September: Fair at Klagenfurt, Austria, Exhibition Hall “Ars Artis” November: Webism-Exhibition, Laubach Castle/ Hesse/ Germany December: Gallery Rodolfo, Berlin-Mitte, Rochstraße

2006 April-Jun: “Electric Paint: The Computer as 21st Century Canvas,”-Jun: Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin, USA May: “Five Years Art-Open Air” at Schloss Wolkenburg/ Limbach-Oberfrohna/Germany September: Fair at Klagenfurt, Austria, Exhibition Hall “Ars Artis” September: Open Air, Moholy-Nagy-Interpretations in the Language of “Elektrografik”, Elektrografisches Symposion,Szigetvár, Hungary September-Nov: Alden B. Dow Museum of Art&Science, Michigan, USA, “Electric Paint, the Computer as 21st Century Canvas”

2008 Februar: Dirty Show, International Erotic Art Exhibition, Detroit/ USA  September: “Strange Figurations” Limner Gallery, Hudson NY, USA, Sept 4-27 and  “ Electric Paint: The Computer as 21st Century Canvas”, MacNider Art Museum, Mason City, Iowa, USA,  Sept. 11 – November 9  November: “The Second International Festival for NanoArt”, NAHVISION Institute, Stuttgart/Germany

2009 June Euro Nano Forum 2009, Nano Art Exhibition, Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic August  Color of Love, Hakodate Arts Hall Gallery, Japan  September-October Dirty Show, International Erotic Art Exhibition, Detroit/ USA November La Casa degli Specchi, Stazione Leopolda, Pisa, Italy 2010 February: Donnie-Award, Honorable Mention, MOCA (Gallery, Brooklyn/New York) September: "Passion for Knowledge" Centro Commercial la Brexte, San Sebastian, Spain, September 20 - October 10 October: "One Billionth of a Meter: Artistic Reflections on Nanotechnology", Llewellyn Gallery, Alfred College State Campus, October 18 - November 5, New York (State)

2011 February: Brooklyn Bridge Contest of the Month June, 1. Place, MOCA (Gallery, Brooklyn/New York)

2012 October: "One Billionth of a Meter: Artistic Reflections on Nanotechnology", Georg Waters Gallery, Elmira College, February 2 - March 3, New York (State)

Solo or two artist exhibitions (brick &mortar)

2000 September: Solo exhibit at Commerzbank Zehlendorf/Berlin

2001 November: Overview “Digital Graphics” at Daimler/Chrysler; Niederlehme / Germany (with Rolf Wacker)

2002 November: Overview “Digital Graphics including Photography”, Torstr. / Berlin / Germany (with Gösta Dämpfling)

2004 October: Solo exhibit “Digital Graphics” at Artificial Image, Köpenicker Str. / Berlin / Germany

2005 April: Solo exhibit “Overview Digital Graphics and Photography” at Kunstverein Nordenham; Nordenham/Germany

2006 October: Solo exhibit “Overview Digital Graphics” at Kunstverein Glinde, Söhnke-Nissenpark, Glinde / Germany

2007 May- June: Solo exhibit “Overview Digital Graphics and Photography” at Haesler Haus, Celle / Germany

2011 July-August: Solo exhibit “Unheimlich Schön (Eerie Beautiful)” at Engelscher Hof, Röbel/Müritz / Germany

Web & Print

2004 March: Direct Art Nr. 10, full page publication (awards 7-16), photography (Competition)

2004 April: Donnie-Award, 2. Place, MOCA (New York) October: 2005 Calendar Competition (selected for Nov. 2005, photography, Refocus Now, London

2005 January: Donnie-Award, Honorable Mention April: Joseph Nalven and JD Jarvis, „Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists” Thomson Course Technology(book project, 17 Artists involved)

2007 February: Donnie-Award, 3. Place, MOCA (New York)