“Der Sturz” (The Fall)
“Die Lösung” (The Solution)
“Drei” (Three)
“Dschungel” (Jungle)
“Kreidezeit” (Chalk Age)
“Leise” (Piano)
“Das helle Moor”
“Das dunkle Moor”
“Ick seh nur Nippel” (All I see are Nippels)
“Mountains of Madness”
“The Applechair”
“The Tart Wizard”
“The Trap”
“Three Minutes Fun”
“Viagra Falls 2”
“Bretonischer Strand” (Britain Beach)
“Bretonischer Eierkopp”
“Not from Mont Pèlerin”
“Das dunkle Moor”
“Das dunkle Moor”
"Das dunkle Moor (The dark blanket bog)" was created in July 2017 based of a couple of photos taken by a friend in the nature preserve Soos in the Czech Republik, which were taken as pure raw material to be completely transformed.  Print: Piezo-Print on Somerset Velvet Size: Paper: 56x76 cm, Picture: 40x60 cm Copies: 10, numbered and signed, and 2 artist's copies (I-II) Price: 600.‒ Euros Artist: Björn Dämpfling